CoFED Project Update...

I’m mapping a timeline for the three objectives

  • Two wheelchair accessible garden beds, 

  • Relationships (none of this is really worth it unless I have friends to dance, eat and laugh with, nor will it be satisfying unless I can be better to myself, too, both of which are absolutely happening)

  • and now research...I feel like there is not only a relationship component but also research: is food a resurgent access point to learning and healing among black millennial women? 

I'd argue that art and academic inquiry are also access points. That's how I think all these are related and how it is that I've found myself amongst them all. 

This next 6 months will focus on food. 

I came to this iteration of the research question with guidance from Prof. Jeffrey McCune at Washington University, who introduced me to the phrase “food ways,” and a generous, albeit brief email from Margo Jefferson at Columbia University, that reminded me not to be so eager to look outside myself for answers--if art making is an access point for my learning and healing, I ask myself, “what am I writing about? What are some of my fave artists talking about?”

You won’t find academic journals talking about black millennial women, 1 because millennial is practically code for white and from the midwest only to move to either cost for a job, and 2 because tradition for the African Diaspora, as I understand it, is not necessarily to record things for analysis, but for sharing and experiencing, hence black music. 

Sidebar: music making is not a spectator sport (which means new music needs to come out yesterday) Nor is farming. Anything I write about or theorize about, it’s important that I do. I want both a philosophical and a practical relationship with the mediums I’m citing as places where learning and healing have happened for me.

Anyway, I'm trying to articulate 3 timelines running parallel to each other (garden bed construction, community building and research) and sort of chisel them into 1 timeline which includes the tactics of those three objectives.


By December, I want to have built two beds in a way that the black agro community can claim their part in, and also in a way that affirms the original meaning of the project (healing black female bodies of ranging mobility) with analysis of food and farming as one of the ways black millennial women are approaching learning and healing, and even further discuss the relationship between said learning and healing (is it learning through healing, learning in order to heal? etc.)