The trumpet and the trumpeter


I’ve felt accumulation for some weeks now, a build-up of thoughts and chemical reactions and emotions without making real time to expel it, much too busy thinking things to think something new. This, I believe, causes spiritual decay and eventual disease of the body.

…a calcifying, callous accumulation of experiences that stand in the way of embodying the work we’ve all been put here to do.

Everything is alright in the world, and I have much to be grateful for. But the mind...The mind is active in a way that blocks action. The body is what makes movement and action possible; it’s the vessel that brings the unmanifested into the manifested world of form and shape.

And the heart goes where the hands lead--I got this from Hnin Hnin at CoFED (I got the fellowship! And yes, Hnin is their first and last name.)

Movement kills the mind. This is to say, movement actually moves our attention from the thoughts in our minds to the activity in our bodies. Movement is what keeps the spirit alive.

But what of being still? Being quiet? Going slow? Are these not the prescriptions of so-called enlightenment? Hmm. Maybe it’s when the mind gets still, quiet, and slows down, the body has more room to move authentically, having been motivated by a sincere curiosity of what’s happening in the here and now, as opposed to a mind that moves compulsively, perpetually, chaotically, and racing, motivated by fear that if it stops, it will die.

It is these little, itty-bitty deaths of the mind that free us from ego, and empty us so that grace will take its place. Emptiness is how we become docile, agile, nimble, and ready to be used. We (I) cannot be filled with the spirit that moves us if we are already full of the mind, that is to say, preoccupied with thoughts of what we might do or might’ve done.

Movement--not to be confused with running in place, or looking like your moving because it’s the value of the times--real movement reminds us that we are not the thoughts we think or even the feelings we feel. We are the energy that moves us.

The trumpeter cannot use the trumpet to create music if the instrument is already occupied with its own song. It’s not about the trumpet. It’s about the life which the trumpeter breathes into the instrument that is empty, that gives it its song to sing. And it is because of this emptiness that the notes that come out on the other side are true. We are the trumpet.