Ohhhh I wrote a new bio for the first time in ages


And I adapted it into something more extensive for the About page. Check it out:

My name is Kristin Simone Mincey, publicly known thus far as Kriss Mincey. I am a budding singer-songwriter, academic, and, I suspect, a designer of abstract things like frameworks for relating to each other; business models and roles that are both practical and perceptive, relevant and also responsive to the humanity in all of us. 

Currently: I'm planting fruit trees in Baltimore City and learning how to grow food. So far, my focus has been integrating the healing properties of working in soil with all the factions of my public works and private life. Amidst writing, recording, documenting and adulting, I'm exploring this latest iteration of womanhood, interdisciplinary art, what they can look like, and the height and the depth of what they can be.

What drove me to the soil was the agitation and the oddity of learning who I am and what my voice sounds like when its just me singing alone—without parents or parent surrogates to tell me if I’ve done well or not; while at the same time, making whoever it is that I’m gonna be in front of what can feel like the entire world. And the burnout…

I said to a good girlfriend, Nile Livingston of Philadelphia, “I really just want to learn for a living, and have my hands in soil all the time.” That’s when I made friends with community organizers, educators and farmers in a town that I was from (like me), but was learning for the first time (still me).

So about me: I live every day with the intent to 1) parlay this persistent creative frustration into something I can eventually let go of—be it in music, writing or something else; and 2) remind myself that these works are not me, are not my worth, are not my access to belonging, are not my permission to exist. Pleased to make your acquaintance. — 050219