What makes you feel successful? For me, it goes:

  1. Meditating for 5 minutes
  2. Getting a good night's sleep (7 hours or so)
  3. Stretching in the morning
  4. Exercising every day in the form of cardio, core training or strength training
  5. Listing what I’m grateful for
  6. Making my bed and cleaning my room
  7. Brushing my teeth every morning and every night (don’t act like it’s only me.)
  8. Seeing my mom for breakfast and morning coffee
  9. Practicing vocal exercises every day
  10. Practicing the guitar every day
  11. Writing a new song every day and posting a demo on this blog—although, shifting my energy from showing something every day to recording, practicing and developing toward a release every day has filled me with a sense of real accomplishment and fulfilment that I think I'll continue
  12. Developing a song for the next collection of music, every day getting one step closer to a release (another site of overthinking for sure.)
  13. Following up on opportunities
  14. Reviewing my finances and making proactive next steps aligned with what I call holistic financial wellness
  15. Working for 4-6 hours a day
  16. Doing something I like doing for fun
  17. Taking meals, snacks, water, medicine and supplements regularly and not just every so often
  18. Reading and annotating
  19. Journaling…I almost said "every day" again…I think regimenting the things that make me successful seems good on paper when in reality, it takes the fun out of it. What comes naturally for me is then turned into another thing to think about...work…like a mini Keebler-elf-size dictator is in my head going, do this, this, this, this...I’m practicing the exercise and the art of letting go of my mind as often as possible. It’ll always be there when I need it. In fact, I'm unlearning the condition of relying on the mind so heavily, and confusing information with knowledge, knowledge with wisdom, and theory with experience.
    Losing your mind in the doing of things is the best way to find and sustain a kind of everyday-heaven. It's freedom, or something like it, maybe.

  20. Drinking 64 oz of water with apple cider vinegar, among other anti-inflammatories, and with my favourite sweetener so far, Dolcedi, found at MOM's Organic Market, Walmart or Amazon.
  21. Spending time with people who remind me of my best parts. This usually comes in the form of humor and curiosities; I feel successful when I'm laughing, and especially when I'm learning, too.
  22. Talking with a professional good listener
  23. Watering the farm